Austin, TX – Tanknology Inc., the world’s largest provider of environmental compliance testing and inspection services, announced today the launch of the DieselCheck™ Inspection Program to prevent fuel contamination. The DieselCheck Inspection Program allows site owners to prevent site disruption or shutdown caused by contaminated diesel fuel. This is achieved by taking a proactive approach to identifying potential problems in a site’s diesel fuel stock. Tanknology’s DieselCheck Inspection utilizes periodic fuel sampling and analysis to give site owners a glimpse into the health of each tank and an opportunity to treat or filter the fuel to sustain optimum system performance. On scheduled intervals, Tanknology field technicians use a proprietary sampling method to collect fuel samples from single or multiple points in aboveground or underground diesel storage tanks. The collected samples are visually analyzed for particulates, microbes or bottom water, indicating the potential for existing or potential microbial growth. If water is found, it is removed using Tanknology’s FuelPure™ fuel filtration service, which removes the water – and other impurities – and returns clean fuel to the tank. If the fuel contamination is substantial, a fuel additive or biocide can be employed to address the problem. If the fuel is anything less than ‘clear and bright’, it may be sent for laboratory analysis. If lab results indicate a problem requiring further intervention, Tanknology’s TankCam™ visual internal inspection, coupled with the TankClean™ thorough tank cleaning process may be employed. “With the introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel, we have seen a greater number of tanks holding diesel stock contaminated with water, particulates and bacteria,” said Allen Porter, President and CEO of Tanknology. “We have seen firsthand how damaging that contaminated diesel can be, not only to the engines that burn it, but to sites that must be shut down to remedy the situation.” “Our new DieselCheck Inspection Program aims to proactively identify and remedy any situation in which the diesel has become contaminated, leaving the site with only clean, ‘clear and bright’ diesel fuel.” To learn more about the DieselCheck Inspection Program, visit or call (800) 964-0150.  

About D&H United Fueling Solutions

D&H United Fueling Solutions is a leading provider of both petroleum fueling and EV charging system service, equipment and installation, and compliance services. D&H United is an authorized distributor and service provider for Gilbarco Veeder-Root and other major equipment brands. The company has 33 branch offices and more than 1,200 employees.


About Tanknology®

Tanknology Inc., the world’s largest provider of environmental compliance testing, inspection services, corrosion prevention and fuel quality solutions, services more than 100,000 petroleum fueling and storage facilities per year. Tanknology offers more than 30 compliance-related service offerings and holds 22 patents for leak detection and tank monitoring technology. Internationally, Tanknology licensees span more than 20 countries, providing services to the largest petroleum operators in the world. Tanknology is a subsidiary of D&H United Fueling Solutions.  

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