Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Installation & Certification

Having the right automatic leak detection system in place to protect your site is a combination of selecting the appropriate equipment, utilizing skilled installation personnel, and knowing the proper operation and application of your equipment.

Utilizing an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is one way to provide improved environmental risk reduction while providing insight into fuel tank inventories.

Tanknology is one of the nation's leading installers of automatic tank gauges. We have installed more than 7,000 ATG systems. Our crews are factory trained to install gauges from the leading gauge manufacturers. And because Tanknology is a service company – and not an equipment supplier – you can trust us to offer you the right equipment for the specific needs of your site.

You can also depend on us to be there after installation to certify that your gauge continues to operate according to the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations.

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Risk Reduction

While using an ATG can help reduce environmental risk, it can also provide valuable insight into fuel tank inventories, allowing for better management of fuel delivery. But in order for an ATG to provide trouble-free operation, it must be installed correctly. As one of the nation's largest installers of ATGs, we have the skill and expertise to install tank gauges at one site or a thousand. Our highly skilled installation crews are manufacturer-certified on a variety of gauging equipment to ensure correct installation the first time.

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Completing the necessary wiring upon installation of an ATG.

A technician inserts an ATG probe
into a fuel tank.

A technician inserts an ATG probe into a fuel tank.

Completing the necessary wiring upon
installation of an ATG.

At A Glance
We are uniquely qualified
to assist you with an ATG installation and certification program.
  • Personnel are certified by the ATG manufacturer in the installation and proper operation of the system.
  • Our technicians have the experience to perform expert service and start-up following installation.
  • Our nationwide coverage provides installation services anywhere in the country.
  • As a service company, rather than an ATG manufacturer, we can assist you in the process of choosing the right ATG for your company's unique needs.

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