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Corrosion Protection Services

Bare steel tanks, pipes and metal fittings in the ground will ultimately corrode. It's a fact of life at a UST facility. Left unattended, the metal will corrode over time, rust will develop and holes will form. Then you have fuel leaking into the environment.

The best choice for preventing such metal corrosion is a Cathodic Protection System. Designed and installed by our industry-leading cathodic protection engineers, a cathodic protection system controls metal deterioration through the use of direct current electricity, which reduces corrosion.

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A cathodic protection system must be operating constantly and regularly monitored for any deviations. Inspection must occur at least every 60 days to verify proper operation. In order to simplify these regulatory requirements, Tanknology's ARC (Automatic Rectifier Compliance) System can be utilized to wirelessly monitor the operation of the system, generating alarm notification whenever a condition is outside of specification.

Frequently, a tank inspection is required to assess the condition of a UST that has experienced corrosion. The most common method is manned-entry, where an inspector physically enters the tank and performs a manual inspection. This is both risky and expensive.

Our proprietary solution is the PetroScope® Remote Visual Inspection System, in which a robotic camera is utilized to inspect every portion of the interior of the tank. The findings are captured on video and studied by a corrosion engineer, who generates a report detailing any corrosion, cracks, leaks, or other issues indicated a structural integrity issue.

PetroScope provides a permanent visual record of the inspection and is much more safe and cost-effective than a manned-entry inspection.

When it comes to tank corrosion protection and inspection, our certified corrosion engineers are the best people to have on your team. They will protect you from the potentially devastating effects of corroding steel – and will help you quickly and economically assess the condition of any tanks which have gone without adequate protection.

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