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Fuel and Tank Quality

Tanknology is uniquely positioned to provide nationwide solutions to tank owner/operators dependent on high quality fuel. With a variety of solutions specifically designed to ensure the health of not only the fuel, but the tanks that hold it. Tanknology has more than 20 years of experience and widespread coverage provided by trained technicians.

TankCam Remote Video Inspections provide a quick and cost-effective, yet very detailed, look inside your tank. Using state-of-the-art remote video technology and a certified Tanknology technician, the TankCam Inspection helps you clearly see structural or lining problems such as cracking, blistering, de-lamination or corrosion that is creating problems with fueling and potentially exposing you to a significant leak from your tank.

FuelPure Fuel Filtration System eliminates contaminants, sediment and water from fuel by utilizing a proprietary graduated, four-stage filtering system. Tanknology was one of the first companies in the industry to enter the fuel polishing market, when it purchased the technology in 1996. Since that time, FuelPure has grown to be the most trusted fuel polishing technology in use in the United States.

Tanknology’s TankClean Remote Video UST Cleaning System is the only video-guided cleaning system in the industry and uses Tanknology’s proprietary TankCam® video inspection camera to directionally clean the interior of underground storage tanks. First introduced in 2011, the process utilizes a directed high-pressure rinse, aided by the TankCam which is remotely operated by a technician, providing video documentation of the entire cleaning process.

Tanknology’s DieselCheck Program gives tank owners a glimpse into the health of stored fuel by utilizing proprietary sampling methods to collect periodic fuel samples from single or multiple points in aboveground or belowground diesel storage tanks.

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