Worldwide Capability Through
International Licensees

Our international operations span more than 25 countries around the globe. Our licensees provide service to customers outside of the United States and we continue to seek new partners in many areas of the world.

Tanknology licensees benefit from our worldwide reputation for technical and service leadership, which provides them with credibility and, in most cases, immediate customer prospects.

We are the worldwide leader in storage tank testing and related services, having tested more than 1 million tanks around the world. We have strong contacts with most of the world's major oil companies, which we are able to leverage to assist our international licensees. In many cases, our strong relationships in the US or other countries can lead to rapid credibility and business opportunities for our licensees.

We provide our licensees with all the necessary equipment, training, certification and support to be successful in their local markets.

To learn more about our VacuTect® tank testing system, please visit this page.

To learn more about our SureTest® volumetric tank testing system, please visit this page.

For more information on obtaining equipment and rights to use our technologies in your country, call +1 (512) 380-7129 or e-mail us.

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At a Glance
Some of our international customers include:
  • AGIP Petroli (Italy)
  • ALVES BANDEIRA (Portugal)
  • AVIA (Portugal)
  • B.P. (Australia, Portugal, UK, Italy)
  • Branca (Brazil)
  • Copec (Chile)
  • Cosmo (Japan)
  • Exxon/Esso (Brazil, Canada, Chile, Portugal, Italy, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador)
  • IBERAZORIA, SA (Portugal)
  • Ipiranga (Brazil)
  • JOMO (Japan)
  • Mobil (Australia, Guam, New Zealand, Portugal)
  • Pelikano (Brazil)
  • Petrobas (Brazil)
  • Q8 (Kuwait Petroleum Italia)
  • Repsol YPF (Brasil)
  • Shell (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, UK, Honduras, Guatemala, Pakistan)
  • Tamoil Italia S.p.A (Italy)
  • Texaco (Puerto Rico, UK, Colombia, Central America, Nigeria)
  • Texaco Caribbean
  • Vezzola S.p.A (Italy)

Upcoming Events

WPMA  February 20-22, Las Vegas, NV
PACE  February 22-23, Kansas City, MO
SE-PETRO  March 7-8, Myrtle Beach, SC
M-PACT  March 13-15, Indianapolis, IN
NECSEMA  March 21, Worcester, MA

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