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Forging Partnerships

Our international partnerships extend far beyond a simple equipment sales transaction. It consists of a close commercial and technical alliance in which both companies contribute to the success of the venture. This results in reliable test results, satisfied customers, increased business, and a safer environment.

Here’s What We Provide to Our International Partners:

  • Market/Trademark Exclusivity – Licensees receive the exclusive rights for a technology and for the trademark in a territory. By using the most recognized technologies and names in the industry, licensees are able to secure a favored position in their markets.

  • Training – Licensees receive extensive training both in the US and in the given market.
  • Quality Control – Test data undergo quality control from our experts. This “third-party” evaluation provides some additional peace of mind to the licensees’ clients and thus provides a competitive advantage.

  • Marketing Support – Licensees take advantage of our reputation and credibility in the industry to secure a strong position in their market.

  • Latest Technologies – Licensees benefit from new technologies and know-how that are continuously being developed by Tanknology.

Here’s What Our Licensees Bring to the Partnership:

  • Local Market Expertise – Licensees know the peculiarities of their markets.

  • Local Engineering Know-How – Licensees know the technical standards and practices employed in their market.
  • Local Technical Support – Licensees are able to quickly respond to their customers immediate needs and requests.

  • Local Technicians – Licensees provide qualified and motivated technicians.

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Tanknology and UETL Demo
Saudi Arabia, March 2009

U.K. Licensee performing PetroScope® Demo
Finland, September 2010

Interpet — Tanknology Licensee
Turkey, June 2010