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The SureTest testing technology utilizes a combination of three testing methods:

  • The SureTest® System – Volumetric method used to test the “wet” portion of the tank.

  • The U3 Acoustic Ullage System® – Non-volumetric method used to test the ullage or “dry” portion of a tank.

  • The TLD1® System – Method used to test the lines.

Advantages of Tanknology’s SureTest System

More tanks can be tested in less time than with any other system, and tests can be scheduled at any time because probes are programmable and “unmanned.” Moreover, “down time” caused by testing is minimized and the system operates with product volume as low as 11%. It is no wonder that this is the method that is trusted and preferred around the world.

  • Precision – The probability of detection exceeds 99% for SureTest and U3.

  • Ease of Operation – The SureTest probe is small, light and modular, with no unsightly cables attached to the probe. It is simply programmed to collect data at a chosen time, inserted into the fill pipe, covered, and left alone. It is designed for ease of use and time-saving features as priority objectives. The technician needs only to return at a later hour to collect the probe(s) and download the data. Such innovation has made the SureTest equipment the easiest to use, unrivaled by any other tank testing equipment.

  • Versatility – SureTest testing systems can be used on:

    • Almost any type of underground tank
    • Virtually any type of liquid
    • Tanks that are not completely full
  • Speed – The SureTest can test a tank in a minimum of 3 hours while the technician works at other sites. This means that the tank is tested automatically and unmanned, thus minimizing disruption to normal operations and allowing the technician to operate more efficiently.

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Technical Details
  • Battery powered, microprocessor-based robotic device programmed with a laptop.
  • It can be programmed to operate at any predetermined time period.
  • It can test tanks with fill pipe diameters as small as 2in (50mm), and tanks with volumes as high as 18,000 gallons (68,000 liters) and as low as 11% full.
  • Probability of detection of 99.9% and a probability of false alarm of 0.005% at a 0.05 GPH (.187 LPH) leak detection threshold.
  • Magnetostrictive Linear Display Transducer (LDT) collects level variation data with an accuracy of 0.00005 in. (0.000127 mm).
  • Linear array comprised of integrated circuit temperature transducers collects temperature variation data with an individual accuracy of 0.0023F (0.0013).
  • Capable of testing all types of fuels and a wide variety of chemicals.