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Visual Inspections

The perfect tools to see what’s happening inside your tanks.

Problems inside a UST like corrosion, cracking, blistering, de-lamination – issues that compromise your fuel and could lead to catastrophic consequences to your site – are notoriously hard to pinpoint. Getting a good clear look at what’s happening inside the tank has historically been difficult and hazardous.

Tanknology’s visual inspection solutions, including PetroScope, TankCam, and TankCam HD are the solution to that problem. Each camera is small enough to fit through a 4 inch fill pipe, and no evacuation or manned entry is required.


We offer complete training in each technology in English or Spanish either at our headquarters in Austin, Texas or in your local territory. Topics covered include procedure, equipment care, how to review video footage, and the creation of final reports for your customers.


PetroScope is a robotic camera that provides a complete evaluation of an empty tank. The atmosphere is rendered safe by inerting it with non-explosive gas. PetroScope is able to distinguish a corrosion pit of 3 mm in diameter from a distance of 10 meters. It is an excellent tool for corrosion protection inspections of steel tanks, and can be paired with a written report by our NACE International Certified Corrosion Specialists in Texas.

TankCam™ and TankCam™HD

TankCam is a manually operated video system, and is the ideal tool for quick identification and confirmation of failures in a UST. TankCam is a self-contained system, and fuel does not need to be removed from the tank, as the camera requires only 60 cm of ullage space. The camera is pressurized with nitrogen at all times to ensure safety and is equipped with an integrated nitrogen pressure sensor with an automatic shutdown feature.

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