Partnering and Profiting with us in the United States

If you are an equipment distributor, contractor or independent oil company, we have a variety of programs designed for you to partner – and profit – with us by selling our services to your customers.

Through these joint-marketing programs, your customers receive access to our full-range of UST testing and compliance services. Our services compliment yours, and we are brought in whenever your customer has a compliance need that you aren’t equipped to address.

We have a variety of programs designed for you to partner.

Your customer gets a packaged program, from a partner they trust.


As a Tanknology partner, our testing, inspection and compliance services are available at wholesale pricing for resale to your customers.

We are an ideal partner in such a relationship because we do not provide competing services, such as tank repair and upgrades, station construction or petroleum equipment sales. Our complementary solutions provide increased sales opportunities to the customers you are already working with.

New Revenue for
Your Core Business

In addition to selling more services to your existing customers, if you are an equipment distributor or contractor, a partnership with us also provides opportunities for new revenue in your core line of business as we refer our customers to you.

Our nationwide coverage of regional offices and a technician base that serves every corner of the country, utilizes our partners for parts sales and service referrals in those situations that customer's need exceeds our service capability.

We service more than 50,000 sites per year, for more than 3,000 customers, in a full range of UST site compliance services. This provides our partners with access to new customers and incremental revenue generating opportunities for their full line of business services.

To learn more about partnership with us, please contact us.

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At A Glance
The benefits of
partnering with us:
  • Increased sales revenue and profits from a broader service offering.
  • Expanded service offering with the ability to offer both regional and national testing and compliance service capabilities.
  • Enhanced market development opportunities and positioning, by partnering with the worldwide leader in UST testing and environmental compliance service.
  • Technical, sales and marketing support from our highly-qualified team of industry experts.

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