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UST night inspectionIn this area of our website, we provide more in-depth information about certain topics related to our services. In many cases you will find links to other websites containing popular industry information such as relevant Federal and State regulations. We currently include:

Leak Detection
Learn more about our leak detection technologies, their third-party certifications, and the National Workgroup on Leak Detection, which maintains the national register of third-party certified systems.

Air Quality
In this section is information about the Clean Air Act of 1990, which established requirements for Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing.

Air Quality State Regulations
Here we maintain a current list of links for air quality Stage II vapor recovery regulations for each state in the US.

Stage II Vapor Recovery FAQ
More details about our Stage II Vapor Recovery Tests and what you can expect when we come to your site can be found in this FAQ.

Cathodic Protection
Learn more about how a Cathodic Protection system works over time to prevent metal corrosion and the need to maintain and monitor it in order to keep it working properly and in compliance with the law.

Cathodic Protection FAQ
You can learn more about the use of cathodic protection systems for the prevention of corrosion in this page of Frequently Asked Questions.

EPA UST Regulations
On this page we review the Federal EPA regulations governing USTs and provide a link to the EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) office website.

UST State Regulations
Here you will find a link to the state UST regulations for every state in the US.

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