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Spill Bucket Testing

Spill containment buckets prevent petroleum products from being released into the environment in the event of a spill or overfill. Over time, exposure to fuel and weather can cause containment buckets to deteriorate and become a source of leaks which are often overlooked.

Our proprietary spill bucket testing service verifies that spill containment buckets continue to perform according to manufacturer specifications and are able to prevent release of product into the environment.

Our exclusive testing technology:

  • Provides accurate results at low cost
  • Does not generate hazardous waste by-products, like many other test methods.
  • Does not interrupt site operations.

In the event that a spill bucket is found to be leaking, our service technicians can repair or replace it and test the system again, saving the time and expense of a return visit.

The State of California, in Regulation AB 2481, now requires annual testing of spill containment buckets. According to the regulation, the spill containment bucket must be capable of containing the stored substance until it is detected and cleaned up so that contaminants do not migrate into soils or drinking water.

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Spill Bucket Test
At A Glance
Innovative Approach

Our test verifies that the spill containment bucket continues to perform according to manufacturer specifications and will, in fact prevent a release of product into the environment.

Accurate and Practical

Our exclusive technology provides extremely accurate results, in many cases identifying even the smallest leaks that would be missed by other methods. Best of all, this superior technology comes at a low cost per test.

No Hazardous Waste

Our proprietary technology generates no hazardous waste. Other methods generate waste by-products that require special handling, resulting in higher test costs.

Repairs on the Spot

Our cross-trained service technicians can quickly repair or replace a faulty component and immediately re-test the system – saving time, reducing facility downtime and reducing cost by eliminating the need for a second visit.