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Stage II Vapor Recovery Decommissioning Services

In 2012, citing widespread use of onboard refueling vapor recovery, the US EPA issued a ruling allowing states to phase out Stage II Vapor Recovery programs and provided guidance to accomplish it.

As a result, on a state-by-state basis, Stage II Decommissioning programs are now underway. As with most EPA regulations in the petroleum sector, individual state regulators are taking different approaches to the prescribed process of decommissioning and the ongoing requirements once Stage II systems have been removed.

As the leading expert on UST regulatory requirements, Tanknology can assist you with various aspects of the process, including understanding the specific state and local requirements where you operate facilities; the agency notifications and submissions which are required for your program; assistance with the planning and execution of your decommissioning program; and required post-decommissioning testing and reporting.

Our regulatory specialists will help you understand, plan for and perform the required ongoing testing and inspections that are required on Stage I systems once your Stage II systems have been decommissioned. At a minimum, these include the EPA’s NESHAP 6C Stage I Vapor Balancing, which can include periodic pressure/vacuum vent cap testing and pressure decay testing, as well as drop tube length inspection and verification. However, some jurisdictions are establishing more stringent testing frequencies and additional requirements.

The process of decommissioning your Stage II systems can be complicated and confusing – and we are here to help you through it.

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At A Glance
The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) established Recommended Practice RP 300-09, Section 14, which details the recommended process for decommissioning a Stage II Vapor Recovery System.

Here is an outline of the key steps:

  • Establish safe work zone
  • Relieve Tank ullage pressure
  • Alarm conditions, in the form of exception reports, are queried according to the customer’s scheduling preference and provided via a variety of convenient electronic messaging formats.
  • Drain liquid from vapor line/collection point, if applicable
  • Disconnect and cap all vapor pump electrical connections
  • Reprogram the dispenser electronics to disable the vapor pump motor-control circuits
  • Disconnect and cap vapor piping at each dispenser with vapor tight seal
  • Replace all hanging hardware with non-stage II equipment
  • Install p/v vent cap, if not in place
  • Remove stage II decals from all dispensers
  • Conduct TP 201.3 (pressure decay) to insure system is vapor tight
  • Fill out Stage II Decommissioning checklist