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Corrosion Protection

Bare steel tanks, pipes and metal fittings in the ground will ultimately corrode. It’s a fact of life at a UST facility. Left unattended, the metal will corrode over time, rust will develop and holes will form. Then you have fuel leaking into the environment.

  • ARC Remote Monitoring

    A cathodic protection system must be operating constantly and regularly monitored for any deviations. Inspection must occur at least every 60 days to verify proper operation. In order to simplify these regulatory requirements, Tanknology’s ARC (Automatic Rectifier Compliance) System can be utilized to wirelessly monitor the operation of the system, generating alarm notification whenever a condition is outside of specification.

  • Cathodic Protection System

    The best choice for preventing such metal corrosion is a Cathodic Protection System. Designed and installed by our industry-leading cathodic protection engineers, a cathodic protection system controls metal deterioration through the use of direct current electricity, which reduces corrosion.

  • TankCam™

    Problems inside a UST like corrosion, cracking, blistering, de-lamination – issues that compromise your fuel and could lead to catastrophic consequences to your site – are notoriously hard to pinpoint. Getting a good clear look at what’s happening inside the tank is difficult and expensive.The TankCam Inspection from Tanknology is the solution to that problem.

  • STS ProTec Sump Treatment and Prevention Program

    Site owners can prevent environmental contamination and costly component replacement by reconditioning and repairing sumps affected by corrosion with the help of Tanknology’s STS ProTec Sump Treatment and Prevention program.

  • Norton Corrosion

    Through our subsidiary Norton Corrosion Limited (NCL), Tanknology is an industry leader in providing high-quality corrosion control products and engineering services, maintaining an experienced staff of Cathodic Protection Specialists, licensed registered Professional Engineers and certified Corrosion Technicians.