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ARC Remote Monitoring

When using an impressed current cathodic protection system to protect a steel UST system from corrosion, it must be active constantly — 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year. In addition, the system must be inspected a minimum of every 60 days and those results must be maintained for at least six months.

We have the perfect solution for keeping you in compliance with these state and federal monitoring laws, it’s our Automatic Rectifier Compliance (ARC) system.

Continuous Monitoring

ARC is a wireless communications device that is incorporated into your cathodic protection program. The system continuously monitors the critical electrical readings and wirelessly transmits the data to the Tanknology ARC monitoring center. The utilization of wireless technology eliminates the need and expense associated with a dedicated monitoring phone line.

Real-Time Reporting

When the system generates an alarm, detailed reports are provided and notification occurs through your choice of email, text message, pager, or FAX. The system can be customized to query the site monthly, weekly, or daily, depending upon your preference.


Through Tanknology’s attractive lease-to-own program, full equipment ownership can be attained in just one year, through small monthly payments.

To learn more, or to discuss specific compliance needs for your site, call us today at 1-800-964-1250.

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At A Glance
The Benefits of the
ARC System Include…

Regulatory Compliance: Improved monitoring accuracy and record keeping with customized system reports.

Asset Protection: Monitoring the rectifier provides early sign of an issue, helping to prevent corrosion from developing to a potentially catastrophic level.

Cost Savings: Long-term ownership of the equipment through low-cost lease-to-own programs and inexpensive wireless technology eliminates the need and expense of a dedicated phone line.

Technical Details
How the ARC system works:

The system continually monitors the voltage and amperage readings associated with the impressed current cathodic protection system.

The optional ARC system utilizes economic wireless technology to transit detailed system monitoring reports, which include data from any system alarms along with amperage and voltage readings.

Alarm conditions, in the form of exception reports, are queried according to the customer’s scheduling preference and provided via a variety of convenient electronic messaging formats.