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Compliance Account Management

Our comprehensive Compliance Management Program provides you with turn-key management of the compliance testing and inspection requirements of your UST fueling facilities. A dedicated Tanknology Account Manager serves as your external compliance manager – facilitating all aspects of your compliance program.

As part of the Compliance Management program, all applicable regulatory requirements are defined for each facility and they are entered and tracked in our proprietary system. The Account Manager works with the operations team to schedule all required periodic tests and inspections.

Requisite notifications are sent to facility operators and regulators and the work is performed by Tanknology certified technicians. The Account Manager compiles all test results, notifies stakeholders of results, coordinates any necessary repairs and re-testing and ensures that results are then loaded into TANCS (Tanknology Advanced Network for Compliance Services), our customer portal for your 24/7 access via the Internet.

Customized to Your Specific Needs

We collaborate on a thorough needs assessment process, resulting in a clearly defined set of responsibilities and processes for the Account Manager assigned to your needs. We have more than 15 years experience in the management of such individual programs – and our customers have found the benefits to be substantial:

  • You have a single point of contact who manages your account. Back-up and peak demand support is always available. Of course, supporting your Account Manager is the world’s largest organization devoted to UST Compliance Testing and Services. No company has more experience, or is better equipped, to help you manage your UST site compliance.
  • We are fully accountable for our performance. We will track compliance deadlines and complete necessary tests and inspections by their due dates.
  • We maintain thorough and accurate records of your compliance program, including site-by-site requirements and results, integrating our data base with yours, so that you have real-time access to all compliance-related data.
  • You receive the reports you want, when and how you want them.

With our comprehensive Compliance Management Program, we provide you with the specific services that best augment your internal capabilities. We work together to determine exactly what you need, then we customize a program to deliver it to you.

To learn more, or to discuss specific compliance needs for your site, call us today at 1-800-964-1250.

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At A Glance
The Compliance
Management Process

Regulatory Review and Scope: We review all applicable regulations for each of your sites, and scope the required tests and inspections.

Scheduling: Oversight, coordination and verification of all services scheduling.

Notifications of Testing: Letter, email, FAX and/or phone calls to all parties involved.

Testing: Coordination of testing services, including authorization of minor repairs, as appropriate.

Reporting: Test reports completed, reviewed, processed and delivered as appropriate, with failure notifications executed as defined by customer process and regulatory requirements.

Processing: Review of all test reports and work orders to verify proper completion and compliance. Verify data upload into relevant systems.

Follow-up: Failures are actively managed, including repairs and re-tests, as required. Final pass notifications are disseminated as necessary.