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Facility Asset Cataloging Service (FACS)

Utilizing detailed inspections of multi-facility operations to create a database of assets and current site conditions.

For many operators of multiple fueling facilities, keeping track of their assets at each facility, the conditions of those assets, and the risks they present to potential fuel releases or regulatory violations is a constant struggle.

In fact, in our experience, most large-scale operators have maintenance or environmental conditions in the field that they aren’t aware of – and that are leaving them at some level of risk. The photos shown here are real-life examples.

Tanknology has developed a wide-ranging inspection and asset data base management solution for just such multi-facility operators. Our Facility Asset Cataloging Service (FACS) is custom-designed for the unique challenges facing operators with a large number of fueling facilities, typically spread out over a wide geographic area.

The Thorough Inspection

We start the process with a comprehensive inspection of every facility, reviewing tanks, dispensers, controllers, tank gauges, sumps and all ancillary equipment associated with the fueling system. This is a highly detailed survey, which includes model and serial numbers of equipment, current conditions, whether equipment is currently in operation and functioning properly. Photos, typically numbering in the thousands, are taken of all equipment and relevant conditions.

Creation of a Custom Data Base

All the individual details of fueling system assets that are captured during the inspection are loaded into a centralized database within our proprietary TANCS™ site information management system. This database ultimately contains everything there is to know about each site. It is a secure, password-protected data warehouse, with our customers having complete control over access privileges. It is accessible 24/7 via an Internet connection.

Analysis and Prioritization of Actions

Once the database of assets and their conditions has been created, we can help our customers analyze the new data, helping them prioritize necessary actions to bring facilities into compliance. In some cases, we help with planning and prioritization for equipment upgrade, replacement or site closure/divestiture programs.

Ongoing Inspections

Such a program is a valuable snapshot of site conditions and assets at a point in time. In order to keep it such a valuable management tool into the future, our customers will typically have our facility inspection team perform ongoing periodic inspections in order to update equipment and conditions in the data base and verify proper operations and compliance – helping to ensure that sites are operating as intended and the risks of regulatory compliance are being managed appropriately.

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