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Project Management

At Tanknology, we are involved in all aspects of clients’ fueling site compliance.

Frequently, in the course of our testing, inspection or other services work, our customers request that we provide or manage additional services that are closely related to the core compliance work we are performing.

Our dedicated Project Management team is the group which handles these specific and often unique projects for our customers. Such engagements range from comprehensive surveys of sites involved in a purchase to an automatic tank gauge standardization program to a sump upgrade initiative.

In some cases, these services are provided by our certified technicians. In others, our Project Manager may contract for a portion or all of the service from a Tanknology-approved vendor, then schedule and coordinate the work in conjunction with aspects of the project that we are handling.

Each situation is unique, so the Project Manager will provide a detailed scope of the work to be performed, the cost and the timeline. Our goal, even with one-of-a-kind projects, is always to provide the highest quality solution, on-time, and on budget.

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At A Glance
Some examples of the type of work our Project Managers can oversee for you:
  • Site Surveys
  • Spill Bucket Replacements
  • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Upgrades, Replacements, or Installations
  • STP Replacement
  • Sump Replacement
  • Product or Vent Piping Repair or Replacement
  • Special-Handling Drop Tube or Overfill Drop Tube Replacement
  • Tank Top Excavation
  • Phase II Site Assessments
  • And more…