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TANCS Tanknology Advanced Network for Compliance Services

TANCS™, the “Tanknology Advanced Network for Compliance Services,” is the customer portal for access to all data related to Tanknology compliance testing and related services. The TANCS system is the most robust data access system for compliance testing services available anywhere.

Tanknology customers who register for access to TANCS can see detailed information about their sites, services performed, schedules, test results and site data. In addition to test reports and invoices, users can monitor all Tanknology work on their behalf, whether it has been completed, scheduled and in progress, or yet to be scheduled.

Data can be segmented by state, test date, invoice date; as well as by work order or individual site. In other words, you can view just the information you want to see at that moment and for that purpose.

For customers with a large number of sites, a customized approach can be designed in which test reports and invoices are electronically distributed to specified recipients.

All reports and invoices can be downloaded, printed locally, or saved to a PDF or Microsoft Excel file for your future reference, general archiving, or other purposes.

For more information about utilizing TANCS, please contact your Tanknology representative. To register for access, please complete this registration form.

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Our customers have 24/7 Online Access to key data related to their facilities.
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At A Glance
The benefits of TANCS:
  • The TANCS system provides you online access to your test results, invoices, and key compliance site data for all of your facilities, 24/7.
  • All access is via the Internet, requiring only a computer with online access and a web browser.
  • Test results or invoices can be electronically transmitted to whomever you specify.
  • All test reports and invoices can be copied to your own computer for later use or local archiving purposes as well as printed locally.
  • Custom reports can be easily created using a variety of criteria, such as by state, facility, test date range, invoice date range, work completed, work in progress
    …and more.
  • Custom reports can then be printed locally or exported into Microsoft Excel or as PDF documents.
  • All of your data and reports are securely maintained on our password-protected servers, which maintain the highest levels of security and data preservation.