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UST Compliance Management Services (CMS)

Ensure your compliance with all regulations and save money with our CMS programs.

Why would a company outsource their tank site compliance? A good analogy can be found in the companies that outsource their payroll processing. Depending upon the expertise you have on your staff, it may be manageable to handle it yourself for a small number of people or facilities. But as you grow, keeping up with payroll taxes, withholdings, retirement plans, savings, healthcare accounts and the changing laws governing it all quickly becomes unwieldy – and increasingly risky.

Managing compliance for tank facilities is similar. The more sites you have, the complexity seems to grow exponentially. The harder it is to manage it all – and the greater the risk you’ll make a very costly mistake. So companies turn to an expert to efficiently and professionally run it for them.

With our Compliance Management Service, we can take on all of that responsibility for you. We manage the day-to-day and month-to-month compliance requirements and only get you involved when something significant is deserving of your attention. Otherwise, you focus on the rest of your job, with the confidence that your sites are securely in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

For some companies, we manage it all.

From remote ATG polling for inventory, delivery reporting or alarm monitoring, to monthly release detection reporting to directing the response to alarms or potential fuel releases. For these customers we provide closed-loop alarm management – handling alarm conditions from the first signal, to tracking progress, to final resolution. We even manage NOV resolution and agency reporting.

For other companies, we have a narrower set of responsibilities.

Perhaps we provide 24/7 alarm monitoring and monthly release detection reporting, but our software system largely manages the program and provides the data or notifications automatically as directed by the client.

For still other clients, it’s a hybrid of our packaged programs.

They choose the services to augment their internal capabilities in order to complete a total compliance program.

Whatever the ultimate package ends up being, we provide a fixed-price, per-facility fee schedule. As you grow and add facilities, it is simple to calculate your compliance management costs and bring the new sites online. At the end of the year, it is sure to be a substantial savings over managing it internally.

How we do it so efficiently.

Our efficiency is largely attributable to the robust electronic backbone of our system – the Titan Cloud Software platform. The Titan system is used by tens-of-thousands of fueling facilities across the country. It is the indisputable industry leader in electronic compliance management. There is simply no better, more comprehensive and flexible total solution available today.

A Compliance Management relationship starts with an in-depth conversation – about needs, options, and possibilities.

Call us, and let’s talk about how we can bring simplicity, efficiency and accountability to your compliance program – and save you money in the process.

At A Glance
How a Tanknology CMS Program Can Make The Difference for You:
  • Risk reduction
    and liability avoidance

    You can have a single responsible partner overseeing site monitoring, all aspects of compliance, remote polling, installation, repair and maintenance activities.
  • Customization to
    your unique needs

    Our compliance management programs are customized for the unique needs and preferences of our clients. We handle as much as you’d like us to handle.
  • Cost savings and predictability
    Once we’ve defined your specific requirements we provide a per-site, per-month fee schedule. The cost savings can be dramatic compared to costs of managing it all internally.
  • Unmatched expertise
    We are the world-wide leader in tank site compliance, managing your compliance on the industry-leading Titan Cloud Software platform.
  • Seamless remote integration
    with your ATG

    Our system can communicate
    with all major brands.
  • You manage your business
    with confidence that you
    are in compliance

    We handle the day-to-day activities involved in site compliance. We involve you in managing the exceptions that warrant your time and attention.

Tanknology CMS Sample Tier Packages

Depending upon the level of compliance management support you require, we bundle our services into packages to meet your specific needs. Our standard tier packages are as follows – but are routinely customized to meet unique requirements:

Bronze Package


24/7 Alarm Monitoring 
Unlimited connectivity, client prescribed alarm notification

Monthly Release Detection Reporting 
Tanknology to provide exceptions report for non-compliant sites

ATG Polling 
Shift inventory, delivery reporting, connectivity confirmation

E-Filing Cabinet Document Retention 
Tanknology will post client specified documents not included in basic service, i.e. tank registration, monitoring plan

Testing Management 
Results interface with select vendors

Executive Compliance Dashboard 
Exception reporting on above items

Compliance Budgeting 
Planning and development

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Silver Package

Includes Bronze Tier Package, plus:

Release Detection Plus 
Schedule static tests, perform remote troubleshooting, dispatch vendor to obtain monthly compliance results

Alarm Management 
Develop client specific alarm response protocol and dispatch client designated vendors via activity tracker

Connectivity Resolution 
Attempt to remotely resolve any connectivity issues, documented in activity tracker prior to dispatch

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Gold Package

Includes Bronze and Silver Tier Packages, plus:

Closed Loop Alarm Management 
Tracking and closure of all alarm conditions through communication with client-approved vendor

Agency Reporting 
Via ATG alarms, suspected and confirmed releases reported per state requirements

NOV Resolution 
We handle any Notices of Violation on your behalf with regulatory authorities

Spill Response Hotline 
Provide 800 number for store personnel to report spills, includes state reporting as required

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Additional a la Carte Items

Packaged with any of the above tiers:

  • SIR Interface
  • Inventory Control
  • Permitting & Payment Management
  • UST Operator Tracking
  • Gap Analysis Surveys
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