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Specialty Services

The regulations that launched the era of UST compliance are now over 30 years old. As those regulations have evolved, and state and local municipalities have expanded and strengthened them, new and better test methods and service protocols were required in order to comply.

We started in this business 30 years ago as a tank testing company. Today, our standard service offerings number more than 30 – each of them created in response to a customer’s need to meet a regulation or minimize a risk associated with operating a fueling facility.

Our test methods and service offerings are always developed in close conjunction with our customers, so that we’re certain the result is exactly what the customer – or specific regulation – dictates.

In some cases, individual customers have come to us with a unique challenge, and we have worked with them to create a service or program to address it. Ultimately, where those services were applicable to other customers, they become part of our service portfolio.

  • Aging Fiberglass UST Assessment Programs

    Using remote video as a first step to determining the condition of your tank and options for the future.

  • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Installation & Certification

    Utilizing an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is one way to provide improved environmental risk reduction while providing insight into fuel tank inventories.

  • Electrical Continuity Testing

    Continuity Testing is used to test the electrical continuity between the nozzle and the dispenser to eliminate static electrical charges from dispensing equipment.

  • DieselCheck™

    Tanknology’s DieselCheck™ Inspection program  utilizes proactive periodic fuel sampling and analysis to give you a glimpse into each tank and an opportunity to treat or filter the fuel to help sustain optimum performance.

  • Ethanol Conversion Preparation Services

    Regulatory and widely-accepted industry standards require that a storage tank receiving ethanol-blended fuels must be free of all water, debris and accumulated sodium salts before introduction of the fuel.

  • For Environmental Consultants

    We regularly partner with Environmental Engineering Consultants, bringing our tank site expertise and compliance services to a project in support of a consultant and their client.

  • FuelPure™ Filtration Service

    Clean fuel means you always have fuel when you need it.

  • Healthcare Facility Compliance

    Problems with fueling systems in healthcare facilities can cause generator failure and loss of backup power and have a catastrophic impact on the facilities they are designed to safeguard. Yet backup power generation and protection of the system that provides it, is sometimes dangerously neglected.

  • Pollution Liability

    A new Tanknology program, which has been created in collaboration with Berkley Environmental, makes it easier and more affordable than ever to achieve UST compliance and pollution liability insurance for UST sites.

  • Storm Recovery

    After a hurricane, major storm or flood, what should a fuel storage tank operator do?

  • Sump Reconditioning and Repair

    Containment sumps serve as barriers between the equipment in and around the tank field and the soil and groundwater. In order to prevent environmental contamination, maintenance and inspection is required.

  • TankClean™ Remote Video

    Tanknology’s TankClean™ process answers all of these questions, as it is a video-guided system which utilizes our proprietary TankCam® video inspection camera.

  • Two-Phase UST Assessment Programs

    Using remote video as a first step to determining the condition of your tanks and options for the future.