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Diesel Conversions

Often, underground storage tank (UST) systems that were once used to store and dispense ethanol-blended fuels are refitted to dispense diesel fuel, as fuel marketers have found diesel to be gentler on fueling systems, while maintaining better retail margins.

However, the problems caused by ethanol-blended fuels never seem to go away, as studies have shown that the presence of ethanol in a UST can accelerate corrosion on the internal surfaces of tanks and piping, even after the fuel has been removed from the tank. The presence of even a small amount of ethanol can accelerate the degradation of a UST system, thereby causing perforations, a potentially, a catastrophic leak.

If your UST currently, or in a past life, contained ethanol, the Tanknology UST Diesel Conversion Program ensures that your tank system is clean, compatible and safe for dispensing diesel.

The Tanknology UST Diesel Conversion Program uses proprietary technology to ensure a safe and environmentally friendly conversion of UST systems from harsh ethanol-blended fuels to diesel fuel by ensuring the tank and all related dispensing equipment are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and verified as compatible with diesel.

The program ensures that your tank is free of sludge, debris, water and ethanol, allowing you to dispense “clear and bright” diesel fuel that adheres to all applicable standards.

The first step in the Tanknology UST Diesel Conversion Program ensures tank owners that USTs formerly filled with ethanol-blended fuels are prepared for conversion to by internally inspecting the tank using Tanknology’s patent-pending TankCam Remote Video Inspection. The TankCam inspection allows the UST owner to be certain that the fueling system was not damaged by the presence of ethanol, and that no ethanol, sludge, debris or water remain in the tank.

The second step in the process is the use of Tanknology’s TankClean Remote Video UST Cleaning System. TankClean is a video-guided system, which utilizes the TankCam video inspection camera, which provides a live, clear view of the entire cleaning process. TankClean not only ensures that all traces of ethanol, sludge, debris and water are removed from the tank, it offers visual proof that the tank is ready for the introduction of diesel.

Once diesel has been introduced into the tank, Tanknology will then periodically sample the fuel, ensuring that no microbial activity is taking place and that your diesel is clear and bright.

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