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Dri-sump Containment Tightness Testing

Dri-Sump® Containment Tightness Testing is a vacuum test method specifically designed to test all types of secondary containment sumps and spill buckets, both double-wall and single-wall. The test uses no water and creates zero waste.

Dri-Sump uses an Aerosol Elixir™, a heavy vapor aerosol, instead of water to test all sumps and spill buckets.

The test method requires filling the entire containment sump with heavy vapor aerosol made from a proprietary formula of food grade, safe chemicals. Once the heavy vapor aerosol is introduced into the sump an air generator creates a vacuum to “pull” any gas that leaks from the sump into a viewing chamber. Due to its accelerated testing time, Dri-Sump prevents facility shut-downs during testing.

Currently approved in 48 states, the Dri-Sump test method can find leaks in sump walls and bottoms, penetration points, interstitial areas, electrical conduits and sump seams.

To learn more about testing your site with Dri-Sump, or to discuss specific compliance needs, call us today at 1-800-964-1250.

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