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Fuel Quality

In 2006, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated the switch from Low Sulfur to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). This was a reduction of sulfur in the fuel from 500 parts per million to 15 parts per million – a 97 percent reduction overnight and a 99.7 percent reduction from the high-sulfur diesel fuels in use as recently as the 1990s.

Although cleaner burning, ULSD has significantly challenged the fueling industry. Corrosion, while always a concern for tank owners, since 2006, has become a common problem in tanks that hold ULSD. In 2016, on behalf of the EPA, Tanknology inspected 42 active USTs, both steel and fiberglass. The study found that 83 percent (35 USTs) showed moderate or severe corrosion, on metal components inside the tank system. Sludge, the likely cause of corrosion, was found inside all 35 tanks.

Corrosion, caused by a microbial growth in the tank system, is seemingly impossible to stop. Until now.

Tanknology has teamed with Fuel Right to eliminate the corrosion threat, once and for all. Fuel Right, an industry-leading fuel additive, helps eliminate microbial colonies that often thrive in fuel tanks.

Fuel Right is not a biocide, rather, it treats the wetted portion of the fuel system, leaving a microscopic corrosion protectant coating behind. Through the dispersion of biofilms, Fuel Right prevents microbial colonies from adhering to, and therefore corroding, the tank. Perfect for use in back-up generators and low-volume tank systems, Fuel Right restores fuel lubricity and stabilizes fuel.

When paired with Tanknology’s industry-leading TankClean™ Remote Video UST Cleaning System and FuelPure Fuel Filtration System, Fuel Right, which does not change the chemistry of your fuel, renders your tank, and its contents, clean and microbe-free, preventing future corrosion problems by eliminating the cause.

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