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Pollution Liability

Tanknology and Berkley Create a Unique Program Combining UST Compliance and Pollution Liability

A new Tanknology program, which has been created in collaboration with Berkley Environmental, makes it easier and more affordable than ever to achieve UST compliance and pollution liability insurance for UST sites.

Current Berkley customers or operators who need UST pollution insurance, can save money on the combined cost of both services.

Three different packages have been designed to meet the increasingly stringent Federal and State environmental regulations. In addition to the services offered in each package, you will also be eligible for considerable program discounts on additional compliance services.

The Silver package typically consists of precision line tests, functionality testing of line leak detectors, Stage I or Stage II air quality tests, enrollment in Tanknology’s Online Class C Operator Training program and access to Tanknology’s TANCS program at no additional cost.

A comprehensive site evaluation plus vacuum testing of all spill and overfill containment buckets is added to all the benefits of the Silver package for Gold level customers.

The premier Platinum package includes all the benefits of the Silver and Gold levels, plus a certified functionality test and calibration of the Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) system, including the console, all probes and sensors.

All Your Compliance and Insurance Documents in a Single Place, Available 24/7

A significant advantage of this new program is the use of Tanknology’s TANCS (Tanknology Advanced Network for Compliance Services), which is an online data warehouse of all your compliance test results. Members of this program will also have access to insurance certificates via the TANCS system – providing you the ability to review, print and share all your important compliance and insurance documents anytime, anywhere.

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Reduced Pricing on Both…
  • Tanknology’s full range of UST compliance testing and services
  • Berkley’s A+ Rated pollution liability insurance
Personalized Compliance Scoping and Tracking

A Tanknology compliance specialist will assist you in determining the specific testing requirements for your site, track your compliance dates, and help you stay ahead of critical deadlines – minimizing the risk of costly shutdowns or fines from NOVs.

Online Access to Your
Critical Documents

24/7 access to Tanknology’s TANCS system for your compliance and insurance documents when and where you need them.

The Most Experienced Professionals in UST Compliance

Our testing professionals have the most extensive experience and training in the UST business. We get in, get your testing done, and get out. Safely and efficiently. We understand how downtime means money.

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