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TankClean™ Remote Video UST Cleaning System

Cleaning underground tanks without manned entry is generally an imprecise process. A typical tank cleaner will place a high-powered water jet inside the tank. The water jet will circulate around the tank, while a vacuum truck is sucking out the waste and debris.

But how do you know how well it worked? Has everything possible been detached from the tank walls? Has all the debris and water been removed? Why did they create so much waste water? And what’s the condition of your tank when the process is complete?

Tanknology’s TankClean™ process answers all of these questions, as it is a video-guided system which utilizes our proprietary TankCam® video inspection camera. The TankCam is placed inside the UST via a 4″ riser. It is remotely operated by a technician, providing a live clear view on a color monitor of the entire cleaning process. By having this clear visual inside the tank, we only clean what actually needs to be cleaned.

Through the video monitor, the technician sees the condition of the tank prior to cleaning, uses the visibility to manually guide the tank washing process to precisely the areas in need of cleaning, and documents the state of the tank at completion.

The final result: The most thorough tank cleaning available anywhere, with the entire process documented on video for your information and records.

To perform a TankClean process on a UST, the tank must be empty of product, a water source and electrical power must be available, and a vacuum truck utilized to remove debris and waste from the tank and dispose of the hazardous waste.

In conjunction with a TankClean service, an economical TankCam visual inspection of the interior condition of the tank can also be performed. This process can assist in locating unused riser openings, verifying overfill protection – or virtually anything you want to see inside your UST.

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