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At Tanknology, we have pioneered the use of remote video in the inspection of underground storage tanks. Remote video provides a clear look at what’s going on inside your tanks so you can make informed decisions around cleaning, repairing or replacing your systems.

We have two services we have developed for remote internal video, TankCam® and PetroScope®. We will commonly describe the difference between the two with a medical reference. TankCam is like getting an x-ray. It can give a very clear picture of what’s happening inside in many situations, but when the finer detail and higher resolution of a MRI is required, it’s a job for PetroScope™.

TankCam Inspection Service

These inspections provide a quick and cost-effective, yet very detailed look inside your tank. Using a state-of-the-art remote video technology and a certified technician, the TankCam inspection helps you clearly see structural or lining problems such as cracking, blistering, de-lamination or corrosion that is creating problems with fueling and potentially exposing you to a significant leak from your tank.

PetroScope Internal Tank Inspection Service

The PetroScope inspection utilizes a robotic camera with a 432x zoom and high intensity lighting, all of which is small enough to enter the tank through the fill pipe. The operator remotely guides the PetroScope to inspect pits, rust areas, streaks, cracks, corrosion and other fine details in remarkably high-resolution detail.

Our remote video inspections of underground tanks have changed the rules when it comes to detailed inspections of USTs. In many situations, costly excavation and dangerous and expensive manned entry are not required when you need a clear look at what’s happening inside your tanks.