Site Surveys and UST Inspections

Tanknology technicians conduct a complete facility site inspection and assessment.

The precise condition of a UST site at a given point in time can be very important, especially to a prospective owner contemplating a real estate transaction. With site ownership comes liability for what is happening underground and out of view—the last thing you want is to purchase a contaminated site and the enormous environmental and regulatory liability that comes with it.

Our UST site assessment inspections are performed by our environmental experts who conduct a full assessment of the entire UST system. As part of the detailed assessment, information is collected regarding site history, storage system specifications, leak detection records, cathodic protection records, upgrade and repair records – everything necessary to provide a complete picture of the integrity of the UST system.

Dispenser nozzles are thoroughly inspected as part of a UST site assessment and inspection, performed by Tanknology assessment specialists.

If a problem with a tank is suspected, our PetroScope® Remote Internal Tank Inspection System can be utilized to perform a detailed inspection of the interior of the tank. In fact, some buyers and sellers of UST facilities require a PetroScope® inspection for any transaction – in order to thoroughly document the condition of each tank at the time of the transaction.

In the case of fiberglass tanks, an evaluation can also be made utilizing Tanknology’s Bottom Flatness Testing system, to test for any tank deformation that could be an indication of integrity problems to come.

With every site inspection report comes detailed recommendations as to the repairs required to continue safe operation of the facility. With all the facts in hand, the owner/operator can make informed decisions about the site in question.

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At A Glance
What an Inspection Entails:
  • Applicable federal, state and local regulations and whether the site is in compliance
  • Configurations of all tanks
  • Detailed review and evaluation of piping, pumps and dispensers
  • Assessment of leak detection systems, their current condition and alarm history
  • Vapor recovery system and vent review and compliance assessment

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