STS ProTec Sump Corrosion Treatment and Prevention

Four photos demonstrate progression from corroded to clean to wrapped and ready.

As noted in an extensive 2013 EPA study on sump corrosion, the presence of higher ethanol blends in gasoline has increased and accelerated the occurrence of corrosion on fueling components in sumps.

Tanknology's STS ProTec Sump Treatment and Prevention program allows site owners to prevent environmental contamination and costly component replacement by reconditioning and repairing sumps affected by corrosion. Each STS ProTec Sump Treatment is performed by a highly-trained Tanknology service tech and is safe, affordable and minimizes forecourt downtime.

The STS ProTec Sump Treatment process begins with a full inspection and documentation of the condition of metal components in each sump, followed by a thorough three-step cleaning that eliminates corrosion of carbon steel, cast iron, copper and steel sump components.

Each metallic component in the sump is then wrapped with a bonded synthetic fabric, saturated with a blend of microcrystalline wax, solvents and corrosion inhibitors that is chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistant, rendering each sump not only clear of corrosion, but fully resistant to further metal loss which could result in equipment failure, product loss, and contamination of the environment.

The process forms a layer that is suitable for painting and leaves the metal components inside the sump easily serviceable. STS Protec does not require 30, 60 or 90 day re-application.

To learn more about dangers of sump corrosion, or to schedule your STS ProTec Sump Treatment, call our corrosion experts at 1-800-964-1250.

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