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UST Compliance Management

One of the least understood regulatory requirements by UST operators is the necessity for regular, periodic inspections of UST facilities.

This requirement stems from the Energy Act of 2005, which also established training and certification standards for Class A, B and C operators. What many operators don't realize about this regulation is that most of their facilities likely must be visually inspected, by a qualified inspector, on a regular, periodic basis – and that hard-copy proof of those inspections must be available to regulatory inspectors at every site, upon request.

Typically these inspections are required to include things like:

  • Spill prevention equipment
  • Sumps and dispenser cabinets
  • Monitoring observation wells
  • Cathodic protection equipment
  • Release detection equipment
  • Thorough review of on-site records
  • Exception reporting – actual reports & management process
  • And sometimes more...

Inspections generally must be performed by a certified Class A or B Operator, either in-house or by a qualified third-party (in most states). Get a quote or moe information. Specific documentation must also be maintained and available at the facility, including not only inspection records, but also such documents as maintenance records, required test results, UST registrations, leak detection results, and more.

Utilizing our exceptional knowledge of local, state and federal UST regulations, Tanknology provides these required inspection services to many UST operators across the country. We help ensure consistent compliance with all requirements (which can vary substantially across the country), avoiding fines and penalties which can range from Notice of Violations (NOVs), to monetary fines, to red tags – and in extreme situations civil or criminal action.

As important, our monthly inspection program helps you identify and fix small problems while they're still minor maintenance issues – instead of large environmental problems.

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discovered by our inspectors at actual customer sites over the past several months.

Tanknology technicians conduct a complete facility site inspection and assessment.

A red tag violation,
prohibiting the delivery of fuel.

Tanknology project managers work with you <br />to design the specific details of custom projects.

Tanknology inspectors review inspection results with on-site personnel following a comprehensive UST facility inspection.

At A Glance
Why use Tanknology for your monthly inspection program?

  • Requirements vary wildly across the country, sometimes from one county to the next. No one else has the depth of regulatory knowledge that we have, to help ensure you are in compliance everywhere you have a facility.
  • Our inspection reports contain photos of the actual conditions the inspectors encounter at your facilities and are available to you online immediately following the inspection through our TANCS™ online data management system. Reporting can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.
  • Trained, qualified professionals conduct inspections of your facility on a schedule that meets the specific regulatory requirements of each site.
  • We have the knowledge, tools, parts and equipment to fix many potential violations as requested during an inspection.

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